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Anonymous Tip

Anonymous Tip is a Safe and Anonymous Reporting Service for Schools and Law Enforcement.  This is just one more way Ruth Musser Middle School is trying to help students report any school issue that they may not feel comfortable talking about to adults (ex. bullying, threats, etc.). Click on the link and follow the directions to report an incident directly to Ruth Musser Middle School.

14-15 Results

When making critical decisions in our lives, we usually do not rely on only one set of information. For example, when buying a car, we consider the price of the car, whether we think the car is attractive, the reputation of the car company, advice from owners of similar cars, and a host of other indicators of the car’s quality. Similarly, when assessing what students know and can do, it is important to rely on more than one measure of students’ content knowledge and skills.

Scores for the annual statewide test will soon become available. We will use these scores as just one piece of information. Classroom projects, writing assignments, math exercises, and our own tests given throughout the year all contribute important information as we build a clear picture of how each student is progressing. As you assess your child’s progress, I recommend that you too consider the annual state test scores just one piece of information. Take a look at your child’s classroom accomplishments as well as the scores, and use this complete body of information when helping your child set goals for improvement.

Parent Survey Results Are In

The results are in from the 2015 parent survey. Please click on the link below to view results. Thank you for participating!

LCAP Results 14-15.pdf

2014-HonorRoll-logo-01 (2).jpg

2014 Honor Roll

Ruth Musser Middle School has been selected by Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE) as one of 1,851 public schools in California to receive the title of 2014 Honor Roll school.

Schools receiving this distinction from the California business community have demonstrated consistent high levels of student academic achievement, improvement in achievement levels over time and reduction in achievement gaps among student populations.

Ruth Musser Middle School

Ruth Musser Middle School

School News


Items you will need to bring with you:


Proof of residency (original current gas or electric bill)

Immunization Record current and complete

Birth Certificate

Report Card from your last school of attendance

IEP (Applies to students in Special Ed)

GATE (Proof of GATE placement)


Our office will re-open for registration on July 26th.



Please make sure the school has your updated address so you don't miss getting your summer mailer which you should all receive the week of July 18th.   We require as proof of residency for all new addresses that you bring in a gas or electric bill from your current residence.  If you have any questions please call 909-980-1230.


Pennies for Patients

Thank you to ALL who donated to our "Pennies for Patients" campagin.   As a school we raised a grand total $2,345.96 for  to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  Way to go, Bulldogs!


Also, a shout-out to our top donors: Ms. Messina's homeroom class, Mrs. Pastor's homeroom class, Mrs. Cooper's homeroom class, and finally Sulemon B.!

Order Your 2015-2016 RMMS Yearbook Online

Bulldog Yearbook.jpg

The 2015-2016 all-color Ruth Musser Middle School Yearbook is on sale for $35.00 (+1.00 handling charge). This is an award winning, student created book with vibrant colors and 96 pages features classroom photos, school activities, clubs, and memories throughout the year. Your child's name may be stamped in foil on the cover for an additional $6.00 prior to February 1, 2016.  The deadline to order your yearbook is April 29, 2016.  Get your yearbook using the link below.

2015-2016 RMMS Yearbook Orders

Technology in the Classroom

Ruth Musser Middle school is excited to have four classrooms piloting one-to-one student laptops in the 2015-16 school year.  Students in these classrooms will have the opportunity to engage in technology-based instruction and collaboration.  Teachers in these classrooms will share lessons regarding Digital Literacy and Citizenship, and students will also use the tools of Microsoft Office 365, an online collaboration system.  Our school community looks forward to seeing how this innovative, 21st century instruction impacts student learning.

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Today: 7/28/16
12:00 AM Office Hours 8am - Noon

AVID #GTC "A Day in Troy" College Visit to USC


7th Grade AVID #GTC College Visit to UCR


8th Grade AVID #GTC College Visit to UCI

8th Grade AVID #GTC Visit UCR

Bell Schedule Monday - Thursday (Friday late start)

Monday – Thursday

1st Bell rings at 7:55

Homeroom 8:00 – 8:10

1st- 8:14-9:05

2nd – 9:09-10:04

3rd - 10:08- 11:03

1st lunch- 11:03-11:43

8th 4th – 11:47 - 12:42

2nd lunch- 11:33-12:13

5/6 4th- 11:07-11:33/12:17-12:42

4th 7th- 11:07- 12:02

3rd lunch- 12:02 - 12:42

5th- 12:46-1:41

6th- 1:45-2:40


Modified Day (Monday- Thursday)

Homeroom 8:00 – 8:10

1st- 8:14- 8:49

2nd- 8:53- 9:32

3rd- 9:36- 10:15

4th- 10:19-10:58

5th – 11:02- 11:41

6th- 11:45- 12:24

Lunch- 12:24- 12:45

Inclement Weather

(Monday - Thursday)


8th grade lunch- 11:03-11:34       

(tardy bell 11:37)

5/6th grade lunch -11:37-12:08   

(tardy bell 12:11)

7th grade lunch- 12:12-12:43      

(tardy bell 12:46)



Teachers Report 7:45  Collaboration 7:45 - 8:45

1st bell rings at 8:50

Homeroom 8:55-9:05

1st – 9:09 - 9:51

2nd- 9:55- 10:41

3rd- 10:45- 11:31

1st lunch- 11:31- 12:11

8th 4th- 12:15- 1:01

2nd lunch- 11:52 -12:32

5/6 4th- 11:35- 11:52/12:36-1:01

7th 4th – 11:32-12:21

3rd Lunch 12:21-1:01

5th- 1:05 - 1:50

6th- 1:54 -2:40

Modified Day Fridays

Collaboration- 7:45-8:45

1st bell rings at 8:50

Homeroom 8:55 – 9:03

1st –9:07-9:33

2nd- 9:37-10:07

3rd- 10:11-10:41

4th –10: 45-11:15

5th – 11:19-11:49

6th – 11:53- 12:24

Lunch 12:24-12:45

Inclement Weather Fridays

8th grade lunch- 11:30-11:58      

(tardy bell 12:01)

5/6th grade lunch -12:03-12:31    

(tardy bell 12:34)

7th grade lunch- 12:34-1:02

(tardy bell 1:05)