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Anonymous Tip

Anonymous Tip is a Safe and Anonymous Reporting Service for Schools and Law Enforcement.  This is just one more way Ruth Musser Middle School is trying to help students report any school issue that they may not feel comfortable talking about to adults (ex. bullying, threats, etc.). Click on the link and follow the directions to report an incident directly to Ruth Musser Middle School.


Be Part of the Band!

Registration forms are due by March 15th.

Click here for a Parent Video on why your child should be part of the band.

Click here for the Main Video on why you should be part of the band.

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School News

Safe Routes to School
Please see the attached flyer. Continue
Posted by: Lynne Beitler
Published: 5/20/15

Bulldog Camp
All students attending bulldog camp must be registered.  Please print and fill out the attached flyer and return it to Ruth Musser or Fax it to 909-980-3042. Continue
Posted by: Lynne Beitler
Published: 5/12/15

East Coast Tour 2016
Please see the flyer for more information. Continue
Posted by: Lynne Beitler
Published: 4/22/15

Promotion Leis and Flowers are available for order now.
Please visit and pull down our schools name to place your order. Continue
Posted by: Lynne Beitler
Published: 1/28/15

Ralphs Community Card
Each and every year your Ralphs Community Card needs to be re-connected with our school.  Please see the attached flyer with the bar code to re-connect your card.  This also is true for new Ralphs Community Card holders.  We appreci... Continue
Posted by: Lynne Beitler
Published: 9/19/14

Student Calendar
Posted by: Lynne Beitler
Published: 5/21/14

Board of Trustees Takes Action to Place a Bond Measure on the

November 2014 Ballot

Board Resolution

Survey Results


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Today: 5/26/15
All Day: Grading Window Open
8:00 AM 6th Grade Energy Fair
6:30 PM 8th Grade Awards Night

Parent Survey Results Are In

The results are in from the recent online parent survey. Please click on the link below to view results.  The clip is about four minutes long. Thank you for participating!

Bell Schedule Monday - Thursday (Friday late start)

Monday – Thursday

1st Bell rings at 7:55

Homeroom 8:00 – 8:10

1st- 8:14-9:05

2nd – 9:09-10:04

3rd - 10:08- 11:03

1st lunch- 11:03-11:43

8th 4th – 11:47 - 12:42

2nd lunch- 11:33-12:13

5/6 4th- 11:07-11:33/12:17-12:42

4th 7th- 11:07- 12:02

3rd lunch- 12:02 - 12:42

5th- 12:46-1:41

6th- 1:45-2:40


Modified Day (Monday- Thursday)

Homeroom 8:00 – 8:10

1st- 8:14- 8:49

2nd- 8:53- 9:32

3rd- 9:36- 10:15

4th- 10:19-10:58

5th – 11:02- 11:41

6th- 11:45- 12:24

Lunch- 12:24- 12:45

Inclement Weather

(Monday - Thursday)


8th grade lunch- 11:03-11:34       

(tardy bell 11:37)

5/6th grade lunch -11:37-12:08   

(tardy bell 12:11)

7th grade lunch- 12:12-12:43      

(tardy bell 12:46)



Teachers Report 7:45  Collaboration 7:45 - 8:45

1st bell rings at 8:50

Homeroom 8:55-9:05

1st – 9:09 - 9:51

2nd- 9:55- 10:41

3rd- 10:45- 11:31

1st lunch- 11:31- 12:11

8th 4th- 12:15- 1:01

2nd lunch- 11:52 -12:32

5/6 4th- 11:35- 11:52/12:36-1:01

7th 4th – 11:32-12:21

3rd Lunch 12:21-1:01

5th- 1:05 - 1:50

6th- 1:54 -2:40

Modified Day Fridays

Collaboration- 7:45-8:45

1st bell rings at 8:50

Homeroom 8:55 – 9:03

1st –9:07-9:33

2nd- 9:37-10:07

3rd- 10:11-10:41

4th –10: 45-11:15

5th – 11:19-11:49

6th – 11:53- 12:24

Lunch 12:24-12:45

Inclement Weather Fridays

8th grade lunch- 11:30-11:58      

(tardy bell 12:01)

5/6th grade lunch -12:03-12:31    

(tardy bell 12:34)

7th grade lunch- 12:34-1:02

(tardy bell 1:05)


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Ruth Musser Middle School

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