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Ruth Musser Middle School

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    One important component of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) process is the engagement of all stakeholders. All staff and parents/guardians, including those representing foster youth, homeless, and low-income and English learner communities, are consulted to provide feedback on the plan.  The district LCAP Advisory Committee is established to review and comment on the LCAP.

    Contact Us

    10789 Terra Vista Parkway 
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

    (909) 980-1230 Office/Attendance

    Attendance: Suzanne Stretz

    (909) 980-3042 Fax

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    Anonymous Tip

    Anonymous Tip is a Safe and Anonymous Reporting Service for Schools and Law Enforcement.  This is just one more way Ruth Musser Middle School is trying to help students report any school issue that they may not feel comfortable talking about to adults (ex. bullying, threats, etc.). Click on the link and follow the directions to report an incident directly to Ruth Musser Middle School.

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    Pawtastic News

    Click here to read the most recent edition of our Ruth Musser student newspaper, the "Pawtastic News."

    Child Find
    Ruth Musser Middle School

    This tutorial for parents will show you how to access your student's email, login, and password through Aeries:

    we have launched the new csd app for apple and android

    Please download the app using these links:

    Download for Android
    Download for iOS

    Central School District Community Update


    It is important for the community to know about the great happenings in their neighborhood schools.  We are proud of the variety of accomplishments that make Central School District a "District of Destination" for many families.  These accomplishments are highlighted in the Community Update brochure.  Click here to view the Community Update.

    important coronavirus (covid-19) update

    To protect the health of students and staff members, and to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), our Governor, State Superintendent and County Superintendent have called for California school campuses to remain closed for the remainder of the school year with the expectation that students’ education will continue through distance learning.


    Superintendent’s Letter April 1, 2020

    (School Closure News Release)

    (COVID-19 Resource Information Guide CURRENT)


    online enrollment for 2020-21 school year

    Online enrollment is the first step to enroll a new student and is intended to save you time.  You must have a valid home address within the Central School District boundaries to use this system.  Once the online process is finished and submitted, the student's information is electronically sent to the school and you will be able to complete the enrollment process at the school site. Please print and sign your online paperwork. To make an appointment to complete your enrollment process and submit the necessary documents, please contact your school of residency or contact the District Office (909) 989-8541.


    Enrollment is not complete until all required paperwork is submitted to the school office. 

    • Two Proof's of Residency (An Affidavit of Shared Residency will be required if living with another family)
    • Proof of birthdate (birth certificate/hospital certificate/passport)
    • Immunization records
    • IEP OR 504 (if applicable)

    Please click the link below to begin online enrollment.


    2019 state test results

    State test results are being released and are available in your Aeries Parent Portal (CHROME is the recommended browser to view documentation).  Go to Aeries Parent Portal page for more information. 

    Aeries Parent Portal Video

    Video Guidelines

    Start - 1:38  Forgot Password/Check to see if you already have an account

    1:39 -  2:49  Directions for auto generated account set up email 

    2:50 - 4:17   How to sign up for the Weekly Email option


    For more information check out our Aeries Parent Portal page

    18-19 Honor Roll

    Ruth Musser Middle School was again named as an Honor Roll School by the Educational Results Partnership (ERP) and the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE).   The 2018-19 Honor Roll recognizes public elementary, middle, and high schools that demonstrate high levels of student academic achievement, improvement in achievement over time, and reduction in achievement gaps.  Way to go Bulldogs!

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    Bell Schedule

    Monday – Thursday

    1st Bell rings at 7:55

    Homeroom 8:00 – 8:10

    1st- 8:14-9:05

    2nd – 9:09-10:04

    3rd - 10:08- 11:03

    1st lunch- 11:03-11:43

    8th 4th – 11:47 - 12:42

    2nd lunch- 11:33-12:13

    5/6 4th- 11:07-11:33/12:17-12:42

    4th 7th- 11:07- 12:02

    3rd lunch- 12:02 - 12:42

    5th- 12:46-1:41

    6th- 1:45-2:40

    Modified Day (Monday- Thursday)

    Homeroom 8:00 – 8:10

    1st- 8:14- 8:49

    2nd- 8:53- 9:32

    3rd- 9:36- 10:15

    4th- 10:19-10:58

    5th – 11:02- 11:41

    6th- 11:45- 12:24

    Lunch- 12:24- 12:45

    Inclement Weather

    (Monday - Thursday)

    8th grade lunch- 11:03-11:34       

    (tardy bell 11:37)

    5/6th grade lunch -11:37-12:08   

    (tardy bell 12:11)

    7th grade lunch- 12:12-12:43      

    (tardy bell 12:46)


    Collaboration 7:45 – 8:45

    1st bell rings at 8:50

    Homeroom 8:55 – 9:05

    1st – 9:09 - 9:51

    2nd- 9:55- 10:41

    3rd  7th - 10:45- 11:31

    1st lunch- 10:41-11:21

    3rd  8th  – 11:25-12:11

    2nd lunch- 11:06-11:46

    3rd  5/6th - 10:45-11:06/11:50-12:11

    3rd Lunch 11:31-12:11

    4th - 12:15-1:01

    5th- 1:05 - 1:50

    6th- 1:54 -2:40

    Modified Day Fridays

    Collaboration- 7:45-8:45

    1st bell rings at 8:50

    Homeroom 8:55 – 9:03

    1st –9:07-9:33

    2nd- 9:37-10:07

    3rd- 10:11-10:41

    4th –10: 45-11:15

    5th – 11:19-11:49

    6th – 11:53- 12:24

    Lunch 12:24-12:45

    Inclement Weather Fridays

    8th Lunch-10:36-11:06 (11:09)

    5/6 Lunch-11:09-11:39 (11:42)

    7th Lunch-11:42-12:12 (12:15)