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Geography Bee

by Ariel Abea, Neveah Arlantico, Matthew Rea   

  Fifth grader, Pragnya Korti, was the school wide winner of the Geography Bee which was held on January 12 and 24 in the Multi-Purpose Room. Students from each grade competed.  The questions were provided by National Geographic and consisted mostly of United States related questions along with continents and oceans. There were seven rounds, each with different or similar questions to the previous. When a contestant got an incorrect answer, they were disqualified but waited until the end of the round to join the audience. "I think that the geography bee was fun to be a part of and has its benefits if you participate. I also think it would have been fun to have a chance to go to D.C. if I had studied a bit more," said Brian Jurman, the first place winner for seventh grade. The winners from fifth grade were: First place Pragnya Korti, Second place Ananya Prayaga, and Third place Kevin Rodriguez. For sixth grade: First place Debanhi Magana, Second place Liam Flenniken, and Third place Zane Zeng. For seventh grade; First place Brian Jurman, Second place Matthew Ross Rea, and Third place Brandon Cage. Finally, for eighth grade: First place Natasha Kasozi, Second place Karmari Barfield, and Third place Gabriel De La Rosa.

Pawtastic News Feb 2017


by Alexis Alejo, Madison Herreria 

     JUMP is a program for students who want to be in the medical field. They learn more about choices in the medical field and if it would be a good fit for them. The leader of the group is Jackie Javier. She works with the company Reach Out which provides the things for JUMP. It takes responsibility to be in the program. Nataly Gutierrez, a student in the program, said, "JUMP is an after school club that focuses on the students that want to be in the medical profession when they are older. Every meeting we focus on a certain subject and they help us on it." After learning about all the medical subjects the students go to a competition where they represents their school against other schools. There are 25 students who are involved with JUMP.  


by Destini McGriff and Jasmeen Mann 

     The seventh and eighth grade boys' and girls' basketball teams practice after school from 2:45 to 3:45 to improve their skills and get ready for their games. They practice and work hard either in the gym or outside. Mrs. Layson, the seventh grade girls' coach said, "I am trying to build on the success that we had last year." The teams first game is on February 9th. Against Rancho Cucamonga Middle School. The girls play away and the boys are at home. Mr. Poortman, the eighth grade boys, coach, said, "I am trying to improve their team unity; also their sense of pride in their school. I am proud of their group point averages."  


by Megan Leon, Ariana Gonzalez, and Samantha Smith     

     The time to celebrate and spend time with family and friends has come and gone. Students went on winter break from December 23, 2016 to January 8, 2017. The students celebrated at school with a winter talent showcase and winter spirit days. Our school had a winter toy drive which started on December 5th and ended on December 20th. Students got out early on Thursday, December 22 to start their winter vacation. They were off for 2 weeks to celebrate the holidays. Ivy Gueits, a seventh grade student,  said, "I got together with family and friends and had a good time." Students celebrated the holidays in many different ways. Anissa Molina, another seventh grader,  said, "My family and I watched the ball drop on TV, New Years Eve." 

Pennies for Patients

     The Leadership class will be holding a fundraiser called “Pennies for Patients.” It will take place throughout the month of February starting on the first and ending on the 28th. The fundraiser is being run by Leadership for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Each student will be given a fundraiser box to take home to collect change. Each homeroom teacher will also have a box to collect the students’ boxes when they get full. At the end of the month all the money will be collect and given to research and patients who have been diagnosed with Leukemia or Lymphoma.

Spirit Days

     Spirit days are one of the ways students and staff members show their creativity. Every first Friday of the month is College Gear Day, where students and teachers wear attire to represent their favorite college or university. Most Fridays after that students wear school colors for their grade level such as teal, white, grey, or black. " Spirit days add an element of fun and competition every friday," said Mrs. Elias' the leadership teacher.  Showing spirit is a very important part to our school's environment. Ricardo Ochoa, a seventh grade student, said, "Spirit days are good ways to express yourself and have fun." 

Spotlight on Mrs. Loggins

by Haaniya Saulat, Sarah Trautner, and Elissar Daya    

Parent conferences occurre from January 23 to January 27, 2017.  During the week, students are released at 12:24 pm instead of 2:40 pm so that parents and teachers could discuss their child's grades.  Mrs. Burright, the school counselor, said, "It is important for students to keep their grades up, they should think of them as paychecks."  

     January 26 is Open Forum Conferences.  At Open Forum anyone can attend, not just students with assigned conferences.  Katie Trautner, mother of a seventh grade student, said, "Parent conferences let parents stay in contact with their child's teachers.  Even if their child doesn't need an assigned conference, it's still good to hear nice things about them." 

     Assigned conferences are given to students who receive a D or an F in any of their classes.  Their teachers discuss grades, students' behaviors, and answer questions and concerns that parents or guardians may have.

Parent Teacher Conferences

     by Harlynne Gill, Armando Cortez, Jacey Cai

     This month's teacher spotlight is on Mrs. Loggins. She said, "I like to teach eighth grade because they are funny, and have a good sense of humor." She also mentioned that she likes different perspectives on the same thing. Mrs. Loggins became a teacher because she wanted to inspire kids to stay in school and go to college. She enjoys teaching eighth grade language arts and social studies. She's been teaching at this school for 17 years. If Mrs. Loggins wasn’t teaching she'd be a hotel manager so she can find out why people are vacationing and where they're from. She enjoys to travel to the beach and hike in the mountains. During her free time at home Mrs. Loggins likes to read and watch movies with her friends and family. In school, Mrs. Loggins helps out with book club, and NanoWriMo, which is when students write a whole novel in a month. Mrs. Loggins has invested many years of her life in Ruth Musser, and definitely deserves the teacher spotlight.