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Yearbook Sales


by Kaila Grant and Kayla Perez

     Our small but hardworking class and yearbook team makes a great effort to advertise yearbook sales with posters, Bulldog Bulletin ads, and homeroom class flyers. Upon our interviewing of Alyssa Santos, a seventh grade student and yearbook sales director, said,  "All the advertising promotes buying yearbooks and encourages people to buy." Mr. Peltz, the yearbook teacher, believes our team does everything we can do to sell and publicize the books, "We send home flyers, make announcements in the morning bulletin, and advertise wherever we can. Sometimes the economy can be uncooperative with selling." We strongly encourage that our students buy our yearbooks, after all they are a year's worth of memories. We also sell our eight grade dedications for $30 to award and congratulate our successful eighth grade students. Sales on campus have ended for now, but you can still buy your yearbook online. Just follow the link from the school website.

Walk To School Day


by Margaux Marquez and Braelyn Matthews

     On October 4, 2017 the school celebrated International Walk To School Day. This event started from 7:00 – 7:15 am. There were three meeting locations, Ralph M. Lewis Park, Coyote Canyon Park and Church Street Park. Those who participated got a chance to win prizes by submitting their raffle tickets. Bella Guerrero, a leadership student who was in charge of this event, said, "The walk to school event is meant to help promote healthy living." Megan Leon, another leadership student that was in charge, said, "We taught the students about bicycle and pedestrian safety." The school staff, city officials, parents, and volunteers were leading the walking groups to school. The time they took to walk was from 10 – 20 minutes. These three locations brought the walking groups safely to school.

The Dance


Lydia Park and Braelyn Matthews

by Danica Ballejo, Samantha Hoffman, and Hannah Reisner

     The first dance of the year was on September 20, 2017. The leadership students, with help from their teacher, Mrs. Elias, organized the dance. It took place in the gym, the MPR, and at the lunch tables. The dance included music, pictures, games, and snacks. "I feel like the dance is a time for kids to be kids and not worry about rules or their actions," said Mrs. Elias. Students danced in the bright colorful lights and loud music. They could have also earned snacks and candy by playing games outside. "It's my first time coming to the dance and I think it has been great," stated seventh grader, Othniel Lindarto. Along with dancing, students could also remember the time with their friends and cool props by getting their picture taken in the MPR.




Pawtastic News October 2017

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Mrs. Casey, Ms. Kiszeli, Mr. Poortman, Mrs. Perez

by Taylor Sanfilippo and Jazmyn Martinez

     During the week  of September 9, 2017, our teachers and staff hosted Parent/Teacher Conferences. On Thursday of the same week, there was the annual Open Forum Conferences in the MPR/Gym. Open Forum Conferences are where parents can come to ask teachers about their child's grades and anything else that may concern them. Fifth through eighth grade teachers were available for questions. Also, students were encouraged to come with their parents.

     When asked what she thought about the event, Mrs. Loggins, an eighth grade Language Arts teacher, said, "The event was very organized, and the parents were very supportive and polite. They were always asking how they help improve their child's grades. They would also, very politely, wait until they had the chance to speak with me until they would sign in." Jazmyn Martinez, a seventh grade student, said, "The event was very fun. I got to see quite a few of my friends, and I got to go to the Book Fair."

Keeping Students Safe


Hello Bulldogs!

Often times, students feel like rules are just another way for adults to tell kids what to do.  Although it may feel this way sometimes, there are important reasons behind each and every rule that we have on our campus.  Many of those rules are to keep our students safe! Your families trust us to take care of you for at least six and half hours each and every day that you are at school, and that is a job we take very seriously.  Here are some important reminders of rules that are a direct result of keeping students’ safety in mind:

Hands Off—We enforce this policy for a variety of reasons—but the top reason is because of student safety.  Pushing, slapping, hitting, poking—none of these actions are allowed, even if you and your friend are just “playing around.”  Too many injuries occur and too many conflicts happen as a result of students horse-playing and messing around in a physical way.  There are serious consequences that you can receive, including detention, parent contact, and even suspension, if you continue to break our hands off policy.

Running—We appreciate that students get excited while they are at school, either because they are with their friends or because of a fun science lab or reading activity that they can’t wait to get to class for.  We are thrilled that students are really enjoying our new school lunch menu and can’t WAIT to get to lunch to order their food.  However, there is a reason that we don’t allow running anywhere on campus other than they grass—and I am sure you have guessed it by now—SAFETY.  Just like the hands off rule—we see many students during the school year who end up seriously hurt, whether it be scrapes, bruises, a chipped tooth or a broken bone—because of running on campus.  It is far too easy to trip and fall, or even worse to collide with another student and injure them as well.  This is why you are always being reminded by teachers and staff to WALK, WALK, WALK while moving from place to place on campus.

Our goal is to keep everyone happy and healthy here at RMMS. You keep us happy by following our rules, and we keep you healthy and happy by making sure you are safe while you are with us.  See? Everyone wins.

Thank you!  Yours Truly,

Mrs. Leach

RSP Workability Program

Austin Olguin, Jacob Lopez, Gabriel Alcala, Alex Molina, Mason Martinez, and Jamille Culver

by Connor Favero and Donovan Meyer    

     On September 28, eighth grade RSP Students traveled, by bus, to Citizen's Bank Arena in Ontario for the Ontario Reign Education Day. They watched the Ontario Reign play a hockey game and toured the facility to learn about the jobs linked to sports in general. When asked what his favorite part of the tour was, Mason Martinez, a student, said, "I really enjoyed going down to the player's locker room and seeing where the prepare for a big game. I also learned how they used special effects during a game." Mrs. Wages, the RSP teacher, when asked what were influential things that her students learned about, said, "They went on a behind the scenes tour of the Arena, along with the sound board and other technology used to see how a game is produced. They also went down to the locker room to see the refs and players."  In conclusion, eighth grade RSP gained knowledge involving the background of Citizen's Bank Arena during their tour.

Band Performs at Fair


by Lundon Dotson, Madison Robinson, Acelyn Waldman

     The LA County Fair is a place where families can play games, go on rides, and eat sweet treats! The Fair holds a competition every year. Band students all over San Bernardino County compete in hopes of winning a prize. A crowd of about 200 people watched the students perform. Seventh grader, Kalena Bravo said, "It was nerve racking and scary." We asked the band teacher Mr.Kotlewski how he felt about the students' performance. He said, "It was challenging, but they had fun and worked hard." After all this excitement, the students had the chance to loosen up and refuel. They went on rides, ate, and played games with their friends. The band students had about three hours of free time until they went home at about eight o' clock. The students enjoyed the fair and thought it was a good experience.

Math Textbook Online


Students who are in sixth through eighth grade now have access to the enVision Math Textbook online. Students can access the math textbooks through the RMMS website.

Principal’s Message


Dear Musser Parents and Guardians,

Our 2017-18 school year is off to a fast start.  I can’t believe we are already in our ninth week of school! Our 1st newsletter of the year is filled with lots of important information, so I hope you take the time to read through the many articles about events and policies at our school.

Last week we Parent Conference week.  I hope you were able to find the time to meet with your student’s teacher(s) so that we can keep the lines of communication open between home and school.  Your child’s academic success is dependent upon parents and school staff working together to meet the needs of your child.  In addition to parent conferences, you can stay informed with your student’s progress by checking Aeries and your student’s binder regularly.  All of our teachers have email accounts that can be accessed through our school website ( and all teachers welcome your questions or concerns whether by email, phone or by leaving notes in your student’s binder.

At Ruth Musser, we take the safety of our student as our number one job.  So please remember that students are not allowed on campus Mondays-Thursdays any earlier than 7:15am and on Fridays at 8:15am.  Students who arrive earlier are unmonitored. Your attention to this important safety expectation is much appreciated. 

I welcome your comments, questions or concerns and you can reach me by contacting the school office at 980-1230.  Looking forward to an excellent 2017-18 school year!


Mary Kate Perez


Family Nights

Madison Herreria and her family

by Ofa Bloomfield and Presley Tamillo

October 3,2017 was another Family Night. This was at Mountain Mike's Pizza. Last month Family Night was at Island's. FORM is sponsoring the family nights. You might ask where all this money is going and why we are fundraising? Well our family nights help a lot of clubs and after school sports. Some of the clubs supported are Yearbook, Leadership, and Peer Leading. Mrs. Marquez, the volunteer coordinator at RMMS, said, "All the money goes towards clubs so we can do fun things." Along with clubs the money also helps our school have fun activities, like dances, lunch activities, and honor roll parties for our students. Many parents and students love our family nights even one of our teachers, Mr. Portman,  stated, "I love seeing all of the community come together and I like seeing younger siblings that will be attending Ruth Musser in a couple of years." The November Family Night will be on November 1 at Cafe Rio.

The Great California ShakeOut


by Nancy Keeley, shyenne McGowan, and Kelsey Cooke

     On October 19 the Great California ShakeOut will occur. The Great California ShakeOut is an annual opportunity to practice how to be safe during earthquakes. The Great California ShakeOut website states, "It has also been organized to encourage you, your school,  your community and your organization to update and review emergency plans and supplies." The ShakeOut helps secure your space in order to avoid damage and injuries. Mrs. Burright, a school  counselor said, "We participate in the Great California ShakeOut to prepare in the event of a natural disaster." Millions of people worldwide will practice how to "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" at 10:19 am.  It is a great way to prepare to survive and recover from an earthquake.