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RMMS Spirit Page

6 days of school left!


Please remember that while in the dance, you cannot use your cell phone unless you are in the selfie area, if there is one. Dress code still applies. Dance is from 2:40-4:00, and you cannot leave until the dance ends. Food does cost money, and you cannot bring food from outside. VIP gets a supply bag, and early bird gets to go early to the dance. You have to be eligible to go to the 2nd and 3rd dance, but not the first. Early bird only applies for 7th and 6th graders, and 8th graders can get early bird on only the first dance. You cannot change clothing before the dance starts. The last day to buy dance tickets is the day before the dance. If the dance does not reach 100 tickets, it will be canceled.

During conference week, the days will be shortened. On conference week, the days end at 12:24. Students still have late start on Friday.

Spirit page may not be up-to-date over the weekends. Expect the Spirit Page to be up-to-date after school ends (2:40)

It's Totally Possible!




If you see any posters that got wet from the rain, feel free to throw them away!

Dates and activities:


Fiesta Dance: 9/20/18

Christmas/White out Dance: 12/6/18

Valentines Dance: 2/13/19