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Stay home and be safe for you and your loved ones!!  We're in this together Bulldogs!

Spring is here and the flowers are coming!  Let spring be a time of growth!

Support your dream college!  One day you will support them by being enrolled there!

Join the Friends of Rachel club we now offer at the school!  Anyone can make a difference!

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End the year strong

Lets end the 2020 school year strong Bulldogs!  How can you do this you may ask?  Stay home and be safe!!  Keep your minds as sharp as you can and find the good, during these tough times.  Make sure to do things you love and persevere through the year!  Don't forget to check out the YouTube videos made by the staff and students of our school and follow our Instagram page for more updates!  Make yourself proud Bulldogs!!

Make yourself proud!



Lets celebrate Women's History Month!

If you see any posters that got wet from the rain, feel free to throw them away!

There is also a Leadership recommendation box in the library for any creative ideas!

Dates and activities:

Memorial Day: May 25th

Last Day of School: May 29th









Quote of the month: