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The season is changing and the year is coming to an end.  Work hard and make yourself proud!!  Enjoy the holidays Bulldogs and start the new year off right!

The Hollywood Dance is coming up!  Buy your tickets now at the student window!  Don't forget to keep your grades up so that you can be eligible to attend!!

Support your dream college!  One day you will support them by being enrolled there!

Join the Friends of Rachel club we now offer at the school!  Anyone can make a difference!

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Ending the year with amazing grades!!

We are almost to the end of the 2019 school year!  Many events are coming up including the Barnes & Noble night, a Friends of Rachel meeting, a student council meeting, the next dance, and much more!  Make sure to keep your grades up so that you are eligible for the many activities this month and have an amazing holiday!  Start the 2020 year off right!!  

Make yourself proud!



If you see any posters that got wet from the rain, feel free to throw them away!

There is also a Leadership recommendation box in the library for any creative ideas!

Dates and activities:


Barnes & Noble Night: December 4th

F.O.R. Club: December 4th

Student Council Meeting: December 6th

College Gear: December 6th

F.O.R.M. Meeting: December 11th

Wear Winter Colors: December 13th

Hollywood Dance: December 19th

Ugly Sweater Day: December 20th

Winter Recess: December 23rd- January 5th

Rally: January 31st







Quote of the month: