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March Madness is coming up this month!  Make yourself and Kobe proud!!

It's leap year in 2020!  We all have one more day this year to make ourselves proud!

Support your dream college!  One day you will support them by being enrolled there!

Join the Friends of Rachel club we now offer at the school!  Anyone can make a difference!

RMMS Spirit Page

Lets celebrate the year

We have 366 days in the year Bulldogs!!  Lets make this year special and celebrate this extra day!  There are many activities and events coming up as well as the end of the trimester!  Keep up those grades and you'll be eligible to participate in all that's planned out for the month!  The last dance of the year is this month and the theme is Disney.  It will be held in the happiest place on earth (A.K.A. the M.P.R.)!!

Make yourself proud!



Lets celebrate Black History Month!!

If you see any posters that got wet from the rain, feel free to throw them away!

There is also a Leadership recommendation box in the library for any creative ideas!

Dates and activities:

Spelling Bee: February 13th

Valentines Day: February 14th

Valentines Colors: February 14th

President's Day- No School: February 17th

AVID Night: February 20th

Wear your Favorite Jersey: February 21st

End of Trimester 2: February 21st

March Madness: February 24th

Last Dance of the Year!!: February 27th

Musser Gear: February 28th









Quote of the month:


"Don't wait for the stars to align, reach up and rearrange them the way you want.  Create your own constellation." -Pharrell Williams