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Assistant Principal Mrs. Leach
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RMMS Comprehensive Safety Plan

Safety Plan

SB187 Safety Plan

The Comprehensive Safe School Plan includes data regarding crime, safe school procedures and compliance with laws including: (1) child abuse reporting, (2) disaster response, (3) suspension and expulsion policies, (4) notification of teachers of dangerous pupils, (5) sexual harassment, (6) schoolwide dress codes prohibiting gang-related apparel, (7) procedures for safe ingress and egress from school, (8) procedures to ensure a safe and orderly environment conducive to learning, and (9) rules and procedures on school discipline adopted pursuant to Ed Code Sections 35291 and 35291.5. A copy of the Single Plan for Student Achievement is available for inspection by the public at each school.We take pride in our well-maintained facilities. It is our responsibility to provide clean, safe and secure sites for the well-being of our students and staff.

RMMS Anti-Bullying Information

Assistant Principal

From Mrs. Leach


I am honored to be serving as Assistant Principal at Ruth Musser Middle School for the 2019-20 school year.  Here at Ruth Musser we believe in instilling the values of safety, respect and responsibility in all of our students.  As Assistant Principal, it is my duty to ensure that our campus is one where students feel safe, welcome, and ready to learn each and every day.  I believe in working closely with all stakeholders, including students, parents, teachers, support staff,  and other community members to ensure Ruth Musser continues to be a school that supports educational and social-emotional growth for all students.


Ruth Musser is committed to maintaining an exceptional academic environment that provides quality instruction to all of our students, which will ensure that they meet federal, state and local standards. Ruth Musser Middle School promotes an environment which is safe and orderly for students and staff members. All staff members express pride in the safety and adequacy of the school facilities and encourage students to demonstrate this pride as well. School and classroom rules are communicated to students and their parents. Teachers, administrators, and support staff deal with violations on a fair and consistent basis.


Programs and activities, which promote safety, self-esteem, responsibility and social, emotional and academic growth are high priorities at Ruth Musser Middle. Our programs in place monitor policies, procedures, discipline and rewards for student conduct including:

  • School-wide discipline plan

  • Disaster plan and fire evacuation procedures

  • Anti-bullying policy

  • Intervention programs

  • Counseling program

  • Positive reward systems

  • Before and after school and lunch student supervision

  • Monthly safety inspections

  • Citizenship and special awards

We look forward to another incredible school year of knowing, supporting, and watching our students progress as they learn and grow.  Please feel free to reach out to me if I can help support your student in meeting his or her needs at Ruth Musser.