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King Tut Exhibit Field Trip


This is an Egyptian artifact replica that was held at the  

California Science Center. 


by Danica Ballejo, Hannah Reisner, and Samantha Hoffman 

     On April 3rd the sixth graders went on a field trip to the California Science Center. They went into the King Tut exhibit, where they learned more about Egypt. "We wanted to visit the exhibit because it has artifacts that will never be seen again in America after this exhibit," said Ms. Heikes, a sixth grade teacher. Items were sent from Egypt to the California Science Center for a short period of time, and the sixth graders were fortunate to have the chance to see it. Jaxon Klempner, a sixth grade student, said, "We saw a mummy, weapons, jewelry, and the King Tut exhibit." The students also learned the games they played and how they mummified people in Ancient Egypt, in addition to what they already learned in school. This sixth grade field trip was an once in a lifetime opportunity until the exhibit is over and the artifacts go back to Egypt. 

Pawtastic News April 2018

Pennies for Patients


Alexis Hernandez, Nour Botros, Ariana Gonzalez, Megan Leon, and Bella Guerrero from the leadership class promote the fundraiser.

by Connor Favero, Donovan Meyer, Madison Robinson

    Pennies for Patients is a fundraiser that raises awareness for kids with cancer. The fundraiser started on April 2nd at Ruth Musser. It allows students and families to donate their spare money to children  in need.Mrs. Elias, the Leadership teacher, said, "It allows students to donate money to cancer patients and allows us to give back to the community." Mr. Valtier, a school councilor, said, "It benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and is very dear to me as my son has Lymphoma." The fundraiser ends on April 19th  and the classes who raise the most money will get pennants to represent how much money they donated to Pennies for Patients. 

Progress Reports


DeQuan January shows his progress report.

by Alyssa Santos, Shyenne McGowan, and Jazmyn Martinez 

    Progress Reports come every trimester to give us a preview of the students' grades. Mrs. Burright, A school counselor, stated," The purpose of a progress report is for the students and their parents to monitor their current progress and grades." Students receive their progress report in homeroom. Diana Corona, a seventh grade student said, "I really like how progress reports give me a chance to improve in places I need to." Students must meet the academic standards for their grade. Progress reports also tell the parents if their child is putting in effort and lets them see a preview of their report card." The last progress report card comes out April 27th. The students get their report cards on the last day of school, June 1st.  

Quake Stadium Family Night


by Lundon Dotsun, Acelyn Waldman, Presley Tamillo 

    Quake's Family Night is on Saturday, April 21st. It's a night to watch baseball with friends and family and help support the school. The gates will open at 6:05 PM, and the game will start at 7:05 PM. The RMMS Band will perform the National Anthem, "It's tradition for this country to play the National Anthem," said Mr. Kotleski, the band teacher. The Quakes Family Night is a fun way to support your school and get some fresh air. Jeeno Muldong, a seventh grade band student, said, "I'm excited because I get to perform 'The Star Spangled Banner', and I like baseball." Tickets are $10 per person not including food and other things you may want. The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes will be playing the Lake Elsinore Storm. We hope to see you there!  

Yearbook Sales


    The R.M.M.S. Yearbook will be for sale, on campus, for a limited time. Students and families will be able to purchase the yearbook, on campus, from April 18 - May 2. Order forms will be passed out during students' homeroom classes. This is an award winning yearbook, which has been selected by the publishing company for National Publication; an honor which belongs to less than 3% of all yearbooks that Balfour Publishing prints. The cost of the books is still only $35.00. Yearbooks are also available to order online by following the link from the school's homepage website but only until April 27. Hurry and get yours before they sell-out.

Renaissance Faire Field Trip


Mrs. Elias, a seventh grade teacher, poses in the stocks at the Renaissance Faire. 


by Kelsey Cooke, Taylor San Filippo, and Nancy Keeley 

    On April 13, the seventh grade class went on a field trip to the Renaissance Faire. The Renaissance Faire was held in Irwindale and had many different activities, such as jousting, plays, and crafts. Transportation to the field trip was by bus. Mrs. Roos, a seventh grade social studies teacher, said, "The field trip was for the seventh graders to immerse themselves in the Renaissance life." "We want students to enjoy and learn about life in the 1500's," said Mrs. Rojo, another seventh grade social studies teacher. The fair also consists of 12 different optional activities that cost five dollars each, such as, candle making, leather tooling, and mask painting. Kylie Baker, a seventh grade student said, "I thoroughly  enjoyed my trip, and I learned a lot about renaissance life." The Renaissance Faire was an educational trip for the entire seventh grade and many thoroughly enjoyed it and would go again. 

RMMS Track Season


The RMMS girls compete against the RCMS girls.

by Margaux Marquez, Kayla Perez, and Braelyn Matthews 

    In April, the RMMS track team, burned up the track against Rancho Cucamonga Middle School and Cucamonga Middle School. The track meets took place after school at RMMS and RCMS. Logan Reinhold, a seventh grade track student said, "I joined track because I like to train hard and compete." Track had different events such as relays, high jump, long jump, shotput, discus, long distance, and sprints.  Mrs. Santoro, a fifth grade teacher and track coach said, "My favorite part of teaching track is seeing the kids be successful." The track team was divided into boys and girls. The boys practiced on Mondays and Wednesdays  and the girls practiced on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Practice was after school on the track. The RMMS track team had a season full of wins against RCMS and CMS.