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NBA Playoffs


by Donovan Meyer, Kaila Grant, Kayla Perez 


    The 2017-2018 season of the NBA Playoffs consists of 16 teams that are divided in half. There are eight western teams and eight eastern teams. The teams that are still in as of April 2, 2018 are the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto Raptors, Cleveland Cavaliers on the East, and the Golden State Warriors, New Orleans Pelicans, Utah Jazz , Houston Rockets on the West. Four teams out of the eight teams are cut, the rest go to the playoffs and conference finals, then the two winning teams from the four go to the finals against each other. 

    We interviewed staff and students to see what their predictions would be as of April 25th and these were the result... 25% of students we asked said Houston Rockets, 20% for Cleveland Cavaliers, 15% for Boston Celtics, 15% for Toronto Raptors, 15% for Oklahoma City Thunder, 5% for Utah Jazz, and 5% for Golden State Warriors. Mr. Redman and Mr. Ratigan, sixth grade math teachers, both said, "I think the Warriors will win because they have the best players." A seventh grade student, Rayneir Harmon, said, "I believe the Rockets will win because they have a great all-around team."  

Summer Blockbusters


by Taylor Sanfilippo, Acelyn Waldman, and Kelsey Cooke 


Over the summer many blockbuster movies will be released. Some of the most popular or anticipated movies include the Avengers: Infinity War, Incredibles 2, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Abigail Ludwina, a fifth grade student, said, "I would like to see Avengers: Infinity War because I am a big fan of Marvel." Avengers: Infinity War (released April 27) is a movie based on every Avenger joining forces to stop the evil Titan, Thanos, from collecting all six infinity stones, which have the power to destroy the entire universe. Juana Sanchez, a seventh grade student, said, "I would prefer to see Jurassic World because the CGI seems like it would be even better and more advanced. I really enjoyed the first one and I cannot wait to see this one." Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (released June 22) picks up four years after the events of the first Jurassic World with Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) returning to the park, where it sits near a volcano threatening the lives of the remaining dinosaurs, only to find a new breed of dinosaur that are huge and absolutely terrifying. Kaithlyn Aguirre, a sixth grade student, said, "I am extremely excited to go see Incredibles 2. My family and I are definitely going to see it." Incredibles 2 (released on June 15) is a sequel to the 2004 Incredibles. This new installment to the Incredibles features Elastagirl leaving to her family to "save the day" while Mr. Incredible stays home to raise their three children. All of these movies will definitely make millions of dollars in revenue all over the world, and they will absolutely be crowd pleasers.  

Pawtastic News May 2018

Year End Quotes


As the year comes to an end,  RMMS students were asked the question: What will you miss the most about this school year? Below are their responses.

imageAdryan Alarcon - "I'm going to miss Mrs. Galloway and my friend, Lance."

imageIrene Chavez - "I will miss my teachers and my friend, Katheryn."

imageGavin Rivera - "I am going to miss my friends and Mr. Valtier."

imageJames Deslonde Jr. - "I am going to miss being in Mrs. Cooper's class and all the things she has taught me."

imageJacob Whiteman - "I'm going to miss the teachers. They are all great and outgoing; especially Mr. Poortman!"

imageLogan Reinhold - "I am going to miss most about this school year is my seventh grade AVID class."

imageFernando Martinez - "I am going to miss the rallies and playing on the basketball courts."

imageDaphne Rodriguez - "I am going to miss the friends I've made throughout the years and the amazing teachers."

Have a great summer Bulldogs! 

Wax Museum/History Day


by Margaux Marquez, Braelyn Matthews, Samantha Hoffman 

    Nearing the end of the school year, seventh and eighth graders will present their Social Studies project on May 18. Eighth graders started their projects at the beginning of the school year. The eighth graders spent the whole year learning about U.S. history. Each student is assigned an important person from history they have learned. When the day comes, the eighth graders will dress up as their character and tell about their history for the Wax Museum. Mrs. Loggins, an eighth grade social studies teacher, said, "The best part of the Wax Museum each year is seeing them perform and talk to visitors in the MPR." 

    Seventh grade is also getting ready for their History Day. They spent part of their year learning about the Renaissance. Each seventh grade student chose something from that time period for their project; whether it was a person, place, inventions, or a discovery. The seventh graders are presenting  in the seventh grade quad, and also have to dress up  and teach other students and visitors. "By taking notes and doing what my teacher says, I am prepared for History Day," said, seventh grader, Mahdis Jenabi.  

Open House


by Danica Ballejo, Hannah Reisner, Nancy Keeley 


    Open House was on May 10. It was for parents to see their child's/children's progress and what they have been doing in school. Parents visited their children's classrooms and saw their teachers, projects, assignments, and classroom décor. A fifth grade student, Kathren Tawadrous, said, "I like Open House because I get to see my family enjoy my work." Open House took preparation. Mrs. Leach, the assistant principal, said, "First we make sure we communicate to parents and students about the event. Then, we get student's work ready and clean up the school. Open House gives a chance to get the community together." Open House got parents involved with their children's education. At Open House , Hot Dog on a Stick was selling food to students, parents, teachers, and staff., and the school received a portion of the proceeds. Other events included an art show featuring student artwork through-out the year, and concerts performed by the band students. Open House was a great way to get people to get together and to think about school. 

World Cup


by Connor Favero, Lundon Johnson, and  Ofa Bloomfield 


    The World Cup is a soccer tournament that takes place every four years in a different country. It is in Russia this year and starts on June 12th and ends on July 13. This tournament includes 32 countries who qualify by playing a series of matches against other countries in their continents. The top teams in each continent qualify for the World Cup. Teams move farther on in the tournament by winning as many games as possible. The two teams with the most points out of four teams in their group move onto the knockout stages. From there each team must win every game they play to stay alive in the World Cup. After the 64 group stage and the knockout stage matches a new country will be crowned the greatest international team in the world. Mrs. Jarvis, a seventh grade and eighth grade math teacher, said, "I am a bit disappointed that U.S.A. did not qualify for the World Cup, but I am still looking forward to it as it brings the world together." Mr. Poortman, a physical education teacher, said, "I will not be that intrigued by the World Cup as the country I am from, The Netherlands, did not qualify for it, and soccer is the only sport I am emotional about." The World Cup is a very successful event in which international teams compete for the most coveted prize in world sports. 



by Madison Robinson and Presley Tamillo 

    Over half of the school population is talking about the video game Fortnite. There are two game modes to Fortnite; Battle Royal and Save the World. In Fortnite - Battle Royal 100 different people all over the world fight to the death. You can team up with up to three people in the game mode, squad, play by yourself in solo, or play with one other person in duo. You start in a flying "Battle Bus" and drop out to skydive or glide to the building you want. You can land in places such as Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove, Haunted Hills, Dusty Depot, Anarchy Acres, Lucking Landing, and more. Seventh grade student, Jeeno Muldong, said, "I normally land in Lucky Landing because it has good loot." Loot is weapons, shields, and more health. Weapons are found in huts, houses, buildings, and supply drops. The pickaxe is to mine for materials to build, when you need to take cover or regain your health. Sixth grader, Juliet Calderon, said, "I enjoy playing because you can play with your friends from school and it's fun to play."

    There is also another game mode which is Fortnite - Save the World. It a zombie mode of Fortnite - Battle Royal where you get weapons from loot llamas and sometimes chests, then you can craft ammo for the weapons. There are different missions such as Protect the ATLAS, Survivor, Homebase, and more. You need to protect your home base, where you can keep items or trade. When you complete missions, like Protect the ATLAS, you unlock new areas. 

    Fortnite is not a pay to win game, the shop has only cosmetics such as skins and emotes or victory dances. Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, has made about $126 million even though the game is free. All the money was made from people buying skins and emotes.