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Yearbooks for Sale


The new 2016-2017 yearbooks are on sale. The first on-campus sale is from September 21 through October 5. The cost is still only $35.00. For an extra $6.00 students can get their name engraved on the cover. "The yearbook is a great keepsake that should be available to all students who would like to purchase one. We work very hard to find ways to cut our costs so families can still afford to get a yearbook," said Mr. Peltz, the yearbook advisor. Yearbooks are also available for sale online. Just follow the link on the school's web page. As an added bonus this year, families of eighth grade students are able to purchase a dedication add for their student. This is an award winning yearbook. For the last 14 years our yearbook has won many local and national awards. Last year we sold out of all the yearbooks. Now would be a great time to purchase one before they are gone. You will be getting 96 all color pages with a hard cover. The Yearbook class is working very hard to make this another award winning year.

Pep Rally

by Matthew Rea, Lynette Siahaan, Erika Stager

Students from Leadership will be holding a pep rally on October 12 in the MPR. The theme for this rally is Kindness is the New Cool. There will be two rallies in which students will be separated depending on their grade level. There will be a rally for eighth and seventh grade students and then another rally for sixth and fifth grade students. We will have performances from the cheerleaders and the Pep Band.  Cheerleader Savannah Serrato said, "I'm excited to perform at the rally because I get to perform in front of my friends." In conclusion, these rallies are a great way to kick off a great start to a new school year.


The cheerleaders will be performing at the pep rally.

Drama Club

by Harlynne Gill, Jacey Cai, Destini McGriff


Mrs. Parga enjoys teaching Drama Club to her students every Tuesday in the MPR after school. In Drama Club they act and play games that allow to students to gain confidence in their acting and improv skills. Rori Klempner said, “Drama club is really fun and it really improves your social skills, and you get to know everyone better.” Drama Club’s last meeting will be before winter break at the end of December. When the students come back they will focus on the school play. For students who would like to audition try-outs for the play will be held right before winter break. Mrs. Parga said, “I enjoy getting to know the kids; some of them are really funny.”

Pawtastic News Oct. 2016

From the Principal

DSC 0146

Dear Musser Families,


Our 2016-17 school year is off to a fast start. I can’t believe we already have more than 8 weeks of school behind us! Our 1st newsletter of the year is pretty special as it was written, designed and published by our own students!  Mr. Peltz’s Multi-Media Class has worked hard to bring you many informative articles.  I hope you take the time to read them all!


Last week was Parent Conference Week and we had many families on campus meeting with teachers to follow up on the progress of their student.  I know students are ready to finish off the trimester strong by completing assignments and seeking the help they need. There are several ways for your child to receive support at school. On Mondays and Wednesdays we have Open Lab in our computer lab for any student who needs to complete an online assignment or needs computer access.  This program is a drop in program in which students can come and go as they need to.  In addition, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have an After School Tutoring program in the library from 2:45-3:45.  Any student is welcome and all your student needs is a signed permission slip and a willingness to come to get some help and some work done.  Tutoring is provided by 8th grade peer and adult tutors.  This program is not a drop in program.  Students attending tutoring need to be in the library by 2:50 and dismissal is not until 3:45. Finally, many teachers provide one on one support for students before or after school.  See your child’s teacher for exact days and times. 


Meeting with your child’s teacher is one way to keep the lines of communication open between home and school. Your child’s academic success is dependent upon parents and school staff working together to meet the needs of your child. In addition to parent conferences, you can stay informed with your student’s progress by regularly checking Aeries Parent Portal, signing up for Remind 101, and checking your student’s binder daily.   All of our teachers have email accounts that can be accessed through our school website ( and all teachers welcome your questions or concerns whether by email, phone or by leaving notes in your student’s binder. Don’t forget our school website is full of important information, too. 


 Our staff focus this year will continue to be on meeting as collaborative teams to plan instruction using the our Common Core State Standards and embedding  researched –based instructional strategies into our teaching to support student learning.  The most important strategy every teacher will use is creating learning intentions and success criteria into all lessons by the end of the school year.   In addition, we will continue to look for ways to increase the support we are providing all students so that they can be successful in their educational endeavors.  


I welcome your comments, questions or concerns.  You can reach me by contacting the school office at 980-1230.


Looking forward to an excellent 2016-17 school year!



Mary Kate Perez





Winter Talent Showcase

cs north pole-01

Calling all singers, musicians, dancers, magicians, actors, wanna-be-performers and anyone with a talent up their sleeve.

RMMS will be presenting our Winter Talent Showcase in December!  This annual event showcases RMMS students and is action packed with very cool talent and extravaganza entertainment.  We are looking for all kinds of acts (including staff!) and encourage students to try out at the auditions. 

Anything goes so don’t hold back!  We welcome your creativity and hope you will audition for your spot in the limelight. 

Auditions will take place in the Library from 2:45 to 4:30: 

5th and 6th grade:  Monday, Oct 17th

7th and 8th grade:  Tuesday, Oct 18


Students must bring their signed permission slip to the audition.  Permission slips can be found in the library, front office and student window.

Thank you!

The Winter Talent Showcase Team

Spotlight on Mrs. Cooper

DSC 0052

by Sarah Trautner, Matthew Rea, Haaniya Saulat

This month's spotlighted teacher is Mrs. Cooper.  Mrs. Cooper said, "I enjoy being a language arts and social studies teacher because I get to connect great literature and show my students how language arts and social studies can connect to present day."  When kids see these connections they get excited."  Out of class Mrs. Cooper likes to read, shop at Home Depot, build, and work in her yard.  Mrs. Cooper was chosen as the spotlighted teacher because she makes sure everyone is involved and also makes sure everyone has fun while learning.  "She is very enthusiastic and energetic," said Jazmyn Martinez.  "She's always energetic about her work," Said Mackenzie Larson.  Many other students have had good experiences with her.


Bulldog Bash


by Elissar Daya, Ariana Gonzalez, Alexis Alejo

On October 14th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, there will be carnival games, inflatable obstacle courses, and live music from Woody & The Harrelson’s. This will take place at Ruth Musser’s 3rd Annual Bash. The tickets for unlimited laser tag and carnival games are only $8.00 presale or $10 at the door. For everything unlimited you can get a wrist band for only $20.00 presale or $25.00 at the door. At the bash there will be food trucks, such as Big Wave Grill, Slamm’n Sliders, Cali Fresh, The Greasy Weiner, Mesquite BBQ, and Paradise Cookies and Ice Cream.

In the past students and parents enjoyed the bash by sending their kids to jail, or kids could send their parents or friends to jail. Teachers sat in a dunk tank and posed for a pie-in-the-face. People ate from their favorite food truck and listened to tunes from Woody and The Harrelson’s. Bringing along a beach chair to sit, listen, and relax will be helpful. In the past everyone enjoyed the fun, games, music, and food.

Teacher Leader Program

by Madison Herreria, Samantha Smith, and Megan Leon

 Mrs. Sahabdool started the Teacher Leader Program on September 7, 2016 up in the library. This program helps students improve their strengths and become leaders. Students sign up to do tutoring with our teacher leaders. This program will help students improve their skills. 

       The Teacher Leader Program helps students develop their teaching abilities. Mrs. Sahabdool said, "I wanted to change the way I teach." With this idea, she researched on how to improve students abilities, and found that teaching was one way to do it. Then the Teacher Leader Program formed. She knew she needed support for this program, so she got help from Mrs. Padilla and Mrs. Montoya. With their help they chose many students in seventh grade to test how this program would work. Emma Moya said, "This program is a fun way for us to show our advanced math skills." Mrs. Sahabdool, Mrs. Padilla, and Mrs. Montoya are looking forward to more activities with our Teacher Leaders.


Mrs. Sahabdool helps two students during the first Teacher Leader meeting.

Throwback Dance

 by Ariel Abea, Nevaeh Arlantico, Jasmeen Mann

Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders were able to go to the Throwback Dance to have fun with their friends. The dance took place the multipurpose room and the lunch area after school on September 21. Allison Ellenburg said, “I attended the dance because my friends were going to be there and I know there’s good music.” There were some decorations supporting the ‘”Throwback” theme.

To take a break from the dance floor, there were pizza, chips, and juice to eat and drink. Polaroid pictures with fun backgrounds were available to take. Ethan Acklin said, “My favorite part of the dance was when I took a picture with my friends.” There were also games to play. The games were, “Guess the song”, “Throw back the Ball” and a Dance-off. At the dance floor, there were colorful strobe lights and a great DJ playing fun music to dance to.