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March Madness Hits RMMS


by Haaniya Saulat, Lynette Siahaan, and Jacey Cai    

    March Madness was a basketball competition between all homeroom classes. Each homeroom 

teacher chose a college to play for, and they studied for questions that were asked the day of the competition. Points were earned for the amount of questions that were answered correctly, spirit, and the amount of baskets made.  

    This year for March Madness at RMMS, Mrs. Cooper's sixth grade class (playing for St. John's) and Mrs. Bogdanoff's seventh grade class (playing for Stanford) won.  Mr. Valtier, a school counselor, said, "The purpose of March Madness was to expose the students at RMMS to a broader college awareness."  The students in all grades got to learn more about colleges.  This was a way to get students active while educating them.  "Mr. Valtier and I decided to do March Madness because it was a way to bring fun, sports, and school spirit to RMMS," said Mrs. Elias, the leadership teacher.  

    Basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts December of 1891. Naismith used two peach baskets and a soccer ball.  The purpose of it was to have an indoor sport to play during the cold months.  Since then, basketball is a big hit all around the world. 

Yearbook For Sale


     Yearbooks will be on sale on line through April 28, 2017. This may be your last chance to purchase this award winning yearbook. It is a hardcover book full of full color photographs, which chronicle the 2016/2017 school year. The cost is still only $35. You may follow the link on the school homepage, or follow the following link:

    This may be your last chance to purchase the 2016-2017 Ruth Musser Middle School Yearbook. If there are any more books left to sale, books will still be sold during Open House at Ruth Musser Middle School.on May 11, 2017



April 2017

Band Plays National Anthem at Quake Stadium


 by Matthew Ross Rea, Andrew Newman, Armando Cortez 

      April's Family Night was held on Saturday, April 15th from 6pm to 10pm. It was at Quakes' Stadium. The purpose of this Family Night was to raise funds for F.O.R.M. and it raised about $300. The gates opened at 6pm and the game started at 7pm. It ended at 10pm with a firework show. The seventh and eighth grade bands performed the National Anthem before the start of the game. The band had to perform in front of a crowd of six thousand people. Brian Jurman, a seventh grade band student, explained how he prepared for the performance, "Mr. Kotlewski, the band teacher, normally has us practice an hour a day for three days every week, although sometimes I practice more but don’t log it." Isabel Rodriguez, a seventh grade band student said, "It's scary and you'll get nervous performing in front of that many people." The Quakes played against Lake Elsinore Storm and won 5-3. 

Earth Day

by Destini McGriff, Ariel Abea, Jasmeen Mann 

Earth Day was created on April 22, 1970 to support the environment. It was first originated in the U.S. 20 million people participated in the first Earth Day. In 1990, it went global with 193 countries participating. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day. He created this day because he worried about the industrialization towards the careless attitude in our environment. This day is truly important because our Earth is incredibly complex and a vibrant ecosystem. Our planet is called "The Blue Planet" because of all the abundance of water. Every year men, women, and children collect garbage, plant trees,  and clean coral reefs to celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day is very important to our planet and to our people.

Student of the Month

by Megan Leon, Alexis Alejo, Madison Herreria  

    Every month, at RMMS, the staff awards students for doing a great job in their classroom. They receive free lunch in the MPR on a Thursday of each month. Only three kids are chosen each month from each classroom. It encourages the students to try harder and keep working. The lunch the staff provides is a hamburger, chips, and a drink. They also receive an award from the class they worked hard in. Jasmine Allen, a seventh grader and a student of the month, said, "I felt special and important for being chosen, and I thought it was creative."  

    The staff puts together the student of the month lunch for the students to enjoy. Some teachers come and visit and eat at the occasion. One of the fifth graders that was chosen was Malakai Mota and he said, "I was excited to be chosen for the student of the month because it was my first time." Students try harder and get the support they need for their futures. 

Color Run


by Elissar Daya and Nevaeh Arlantico    

    The Color Run will be held on April 28, 2017 at Ruth Musser Middle School from 3:00-4:00 p.m. Students and teachers will participate by throwing color packs at each other and running the track. The cost to enter is $10. However, by raising more money, you could earn cool prizes such as color packs, rainbow tutus, rainbow socks, and more. The F.O.R.M. group, Friends of Ruth Musser, are in charge of the color run. Mrs. Marquez, a school coordinator, said, "The students thought the Color Run would be fun. 40% of the donations will go to the school to fund clubs." Participants are encouraged to wear old clothes even though the color dye is washable and non-toxic.

    The Color Run isn't only fun, it also helps our school gain funds for future events. Mirrah Morton, a fifth grade student, said, "I'm looking forward to the Color Run because of running, hanging out, and working out." Many students are excited to be a part of a colorful and fun event.

Spotlight on Mrs. Elias


 by Sarah Trautner, Ariana Gonzalez, Samantha Smith

    This month's Teacher Spotlight is Mrs. Elias. Mrs. Elias teaches seventh grade language arts, social studies, AVID and leadership. Mrs. Elias' AVID student , Ivy Gueits, said , "I think Mrs. Elias is an outgoing teacher who makes sure kids are having fun and working hard." 


    When she's not in class, Mrs. Elias enjoys camping, spending time with her family, ocean fishing, and watching her son play baseball. She said, "I wanted to be a teacher so I could have a legacy just like my dad." Mrs. Elias has the best interest in her students and always wants them to work hard. Since she always pushes her students to success, she was chosen as the April Teacher Spotlight. 

Poetry Under the Stars

Students prepare for Poetry Under the Starsimage

by Harylnne Gill and Erika Stager 

    Poetry Under the Stars was a chance for eighth grade students to make their own poem and share it with parents and students. The event took place on Thursday, April 13th at 6:00pm. The poets had to arrive a half an hour earlier to sign up and receive their T-shirts with their poetry book that the teachers made for them. Students had the option to join Poetry Under the Stars and they usually had a couple weeks to write. Mrs. Loggins was in charge of the night. She made sure everything ran smoothly. She said, "I love seeing the students so excited to read their poem, and after its over their smiles are giant and they feel proud of themselves."  

    The poets' families were each invited to join them in their special night. Teachers were also welcomed to join in and listen to the poems. Each poem was different and unique. Ms. Messina, an eighth grade teacher said, "I like that students got the chance to share what they have written." All in all, Poetry Under the Stars was a great way for eighth graders to express themselves and to show off their hard work. 

Track and Field

by Jacob De Los Santos and Caden Herzer 

    Track and Field, at Ruth Musser Middle School, was open for all grade levels. The events that were open for students to participate in were sprinting, hurdles, long jump, high jump, distance running, shot put, and discus. Mr. Teter was the head coach on the boys' team. He said, "Watching them learn and having the thrill of getting a victory are my favorite things in track." Mrs. Pastor was the head coach on the girls' team. The assistant coach was Ms. Heikes. She said, "I love coaching track and field because I like getting to know kids out of the classroom." 

    The first track meet was a dual meet against CMS. RMMS won that meet. At the last track meet it was RMMS against RCMS. The scores were: 7th grade girls 50 to 37; 7th grade boys 61 to 20; 8th grade girls 47 to 16; and 8th grade boys 43 to 37.  The rest of the season consists of an elementary meet against Dona Merced Elementary school and Coyote Canyon Elementary School for forth and fifth graders, the Rotary Meet for fifth and sixth graders, and then the final tri-meet against CMS and RCMS.