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pep band

Pep Band

by Arsany Baris, Ethan Hufnagel, Nicholas Sanchez, and Jaron Widney  

     Pep Band is an after school club where students from seventh and eighth-grade band group together to learn music that they couldn’t learn in the curriculum. “The students asked for some sort of specialized music club,” stated Mrs. Newland, the band teacher. She responded to the students by continuing the tradition of Pep Band. The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday afterschool until 3:45 PM. Pep Band allows students to play their instruments at events, such as The Reign hockey game, school pep rallies, and the Barnes and Noble Family Night Holiday Book Fair. "I like Pep Band because it allows me to learn more things in the musical field that I usually wouldn't be able to," said Dylan Nixon, a seventh-grade member of Pep Band. Students in Pep Band enjoy the privilege of doing extra performances with their friends.  



by  Shaena Brew and Toby Gallegos 

     Basketball tryouts started Monday, January 13. This year's coaches are Mrs. Casey for seventh-grade girls, Mr. DeLang for sixth and seventh-grade boys, Mr. Poortman and Mr. Sanders for eighth-grade boys, and Mr. Hallback for eighth-eighth grade girls. "I can't wait to play and win for our school," said Charlene Callang, a seventh-grade team member. An eighth-grade team member, Corey Johnson said, "We are going to be the best and represent our school."  Seventh-grade team member, Jaden Anderson said, "We are going to dominate. My goal is for our team to go 4 and 0." Mirrah Morton, and eighth-grade team member said, "Last year our team went 4 and 0. This year our goals are to carry on the streak." Practices will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for every team after school. The teams will have two home games and two away games at both schools and the games are scheduled to start at 3:15. 

January Pawtastic News

Cheerleaders perform a pyramid as the crowd watches in awe.

Pep Rally

by Lalli Alvarez, Veronica Abdou Bishay, and Michelle Iftekhar  

     The second rally of the school year is coming on January 31. The theme is Superheroes, which was chosen by the Leadership class. At the rally, there will be performances by the Cheerleaders, Drama Club, FOR Club, games or competitions such as dance battles or potato sack racing, inspirational speeches by Mr. Valtier, the counselor, and Mr. Clobes, the principal. The rally will take place in the MPR during fifth and sixth period. “We decide on a theme and then get decorations based off the theme.” said eighth-grade Leadership student, Aurora Vanneman. “For example, for the upcoming rally, the theme is Superheroes, so we are putting up superhero logos and prop skyscrapers. Then we make a script and distribute it to all the participating clubs and groups.” Leadership is not the only group that has to prepare for the rally. “The hardest part about preparing for the rally, for me, is having to practice really hard, and a lot of times that means getting hurt in the process,” said seventh-grade cheerleader, Riley Johnson. All in all, a lot of work from many different groups and people goes into making the rally happen.

pennies for patients

Pennies for patients

by Isabella Cucinella and Miray Hanna 

     Pennies for Patients is a fundraiser used to raise money for families that have kids who have cancer, to help pay for treatment. Here's how it works; each homeroom is given a water bottle and told to try and bring in any change that they might have at home, and the homeroom that collects the most money wins a pizza party. The challenge starts April 6 and continues through April 24. Janelle Briseno, a seventh-grade student, said, "If we can raise enough money, we can help the patients that are currently fighting in the tough battle of cancer." Our students at Ruth Musser Middle School understand the trials that children with cancer go through and try to help when they can. Mrs. Elias, the Leadership teacher, said, "I think that fundraising for charities is important so that our students can experience giving back to the community."  This is why Pennies For patients is a fundraiser that our school chooses to participate in. 

Yearbook Sale

Yearbooks on sale

     Yearbooks are currently available for sale online. This is a hard cover, all color, award winning yearbook. The yearbook staff works to take all the photos, interview teachers, staff, and students, and puts the whole book together. The cost for the yearbook is $40.00. Names can be engraved, if you order by the end of  January, for only $6.00 more.  Don't miss this opportunity, to purchase a memory that will last your child for the rest of their life. To purchase a yearbook online follow the link from the Ruth Musser Middle School Homepage.

parent conferences

Parent Conferences

by Izaiah Zambrano, Ben Truong, Peyton O'steen  

     Parent conferences are very important to students, parents and teachers. Conferences happen after the end of every progress reports for the first and second trimester.  “[Parents and teachers] are able to see a view of the student and come up with strategies and ways to have their kids become successful,” said Mr. Clobes, the principal. “Accountability is important to be successful. Students have an opportunity to get the help they need.” Teachers try to inform parents on the progress of their student and try to find new ways to help improve the student success. Students are encouraged to use their learning resources to improve on their grades. “I believe a success of a student requires a team, to be all on the same page, which will benefit all students to be successful,” said Mr. Valtier, the fifth and eighth-grade counselor. For a student's success, it takes parents, teachers, and counselors to come together and form a plan to get a student to their full potential.  

Roscoe Tjakrawinata
Roscoe Tjakrawinata shows off his college colors on Spirit Day.

spirit days

by Kylie Jimenez, Alyson McShane, and Everly Alvarado 

     Spirit day is when students are encouraged to wear school colors, collage gear or other spirit themed clothing. Every Friday the Leadership students choose certain colors or certain gear for the students to wear based on the day's theme. "Being able to help bring more spirit to the school is my favorite part about Spirit Day" said Anna Park, an eighth-grade Leadership student. The Leadership class promotes the theme of the spirit for each Friday so the students know ahead of time what to wear. This helps boost school spirit and bring the students together. "Bringing the school together is a very important part of Spirt Day," said Kai Ward, an eighth-grade student.