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Gaming Club

by Ethan Hufangel,

Ben Truong, Arsany Baris      

     The Gaming Club is a place where students can play board games and card games. "The Gaming Club is fun to play with friends," said Aryan Mariyappan Nagaruju, a fifth grade student. Anyone and everyone is welcome to the Gaming Club, as it is an open club. The Gaming Club meets on Tuesdays after-school and Thursdays during second lunch. Mrs. Ramirez, the Gaming  Club coordinator, said, "It doesn't matter who are friends, everyone plays together." Students can bring their own games, or play one of the many provided games. Calvin Lee, a seventh grade student, said, "I like to play Black Jack with my friends in the Gaming Club." Strangers and friends come together to share their common hobby.  



by Shaena Brew, Toby Gallegos, Everly Alvarado 

     The soccer team at Ruth Musser Middle School began their first games on October 8th 2019. The boys were at home vs. Cucamonga Middle School (CMS) while the girls played away at Cucamonga Middle School. Both teams are filled with sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders. Mr. Hallback is the coach for the girls and Mr. Poortman is the coach for the boys. All games start at 3:00 PM. Rosie Jimenez, a seventh-grader said, "I am very excited for my first game and can't wait to get out on the field!" Keagan Hennesay, a sixth-grader said, "Even though I'm the smallest on the team, I can't wait to prove my worth." There are four games throughout the season. Don't miss RMMS 2019 soccer team.

October Pawtastic News

Wonderland Bash

by Cooper May, Devon Schmelter, and Michelle Iftekhar 

     The Wonderland Bash, the first dance of the year, took place on October 3rd. The leadership students worked hard to make it happen. The bash was held in the MPR and sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders were eligible to attend. Students enjoyed eating food, taking pictures, dancing, and hanging out with their friends. “My favorite parts of the dance were eating food and having fun with my friends." said seventh grader Danielle Cordero. “I really want to go to the next dance!” Eighth-grader Rianna Mamun who is on the Leadership Dance Committee also explained how the theme for the dance was chosen. “The dance committee decides and asks people about the theme then the leadership class takes a vote on the theme; so everyone is included,” she said. “Preparing for the dance also takes a long time because we have to order food, get a DJ, backdrops, and decorations but I think it came out good in the end.” All in all, the dance was a fun event and many students are looking forward to the next one. 

Step it up
The Step It Up obstacle courses.

Step It up fundraiser

by Kylie Jimenez and Aly Mcshane 

     The Step It Up Fundraiser was a two week event, at the beggining of the school year, where our school raised money. The money raised went to help support clubs, sports, and event on campus for the students.  Mr. Clobes, the principal, said, "Our goal for this fundraiser is to find out what Step It Up is all about." The event was supposed to happen on October 10th, but had to be postponed due to weather issues. The students who raised money were rewarded with a day of awesomeness. This day of awesomeness has obstacle courses that resemble the ones on American Ninja Warrior and Wipe Out.  Also included is Kona Ice, and a DJ dance party. There are opportunities to win lots of cash and prizes. Step It Up benefits everyone in some way. 

Yearbooks for sale

     Yearbooks are currently available for sale online. This is a hard cover, all color, award winning yearbook. The yearbook staff works to take all the photos, interview teachers, staff, and students, and puts the whole book together. The cost for the yearbook is $40.00. Names can be engraved, if you order by January, for only $6.00 more. As an added bonus, eighth-grade students and/or parents can purchase an eighth-grade dedication, in the back of the book, for only $30.00. The eighth-grade dedications are only available on a first-come, first-served basis and sales for the dedications will close as soon as we sell out or in January. Don't miss this opportunity, to purchase a memory that will last your child for the rest of their life. To purchase a yearbook online follow the link from the Ruth Musser Middle School Homepage.



by Nicholas Sanchez, Jaron Widney, Audric Romero


     Once again, CJSF is here at Ruth Musser Middle School. CJSF stands for California Junior Scholarship Federation. Students in seventh and eighth grade can join CJSF. “The purpose of CJSF is for students that have good grades obtain college.” Mrs. Marshall, a seventh-grade teacher at Ruth Musser Middle School, said. Mrs. Marshall, along with Mrs. Roos another seventh-grade teacher, are the advisors of CJSF at Ruth Musser. “It gives them opportunities to be rewarded and to understand the importance of community service,” said Mrs. Roos. So far, students in CJSF have gone to an informational meeting and most of them have already completed their five hours of community service, although it isn't due until October 18th. Students have done things like volunteering at senior citizen homes, cleaning up the park, and volunteering at an animal shelter. In conclusion, CJSF helps students with good grades get rewarded for what they are already doing and teaches them the importance of giving back to the community.

Flannel day
The Leadership students wear their flannel shirts for Flannel Day.

Spirit Days

by Izaiah Zambrano, Peyton O'Steen,  and Isabella Cucinella 

     Spirit Days are an important part of our school community. These spirit days are important because they encourage students to dress up and show spirit for the school. "Spirit Days are fun and it helps build community," said Mrs. Leach, the assistant principal. "I think it's important to have pride in our school." "I think spirit days build community. It creates participation and fun at the same time," said Mr. Valtier the fifth and eighth-grade guidance counselor. "Some of our days build awareness." The School Administration believes Spirit Days and Spirit Weeks are very important to this school. "Spirit Days help bring people together, it's exciting," said Mrs. Burright the sixth and seventh-grade guidance counselor. "They can learn a sense of community, have some fun, and find other people that have similar interest." The Leadership class puts these Spirit Days together. They decided on the activities and the spirit wear. Mrs. Elias is the adviser for the Leadership class, and also helps the students decide. Our Spirit Days are a great part of the school's community and it helps us get together and have pride in our school.  

Caps for Kids
This cap was signed by Harry Styles.

Caps for kids

by Miray Hanna, Veronica Bishay, and Lalli Alvarez

     Caps for Kids is a fundraising program for kids who suffer from hair loss due to cancer. Kids get a chance to have their favorite celebrity sign their hat. On September 20, 2019, students, who wore a hat to school, paid $1.00 to wear the hat and the money was collected by the leadership class. Our school raised $250. "I think that it gives a little bit of pleasure to kids going through difficult times," said Mrs. Rojo, a seventh grade teacher. "Any time we can make someone smile for a buck, it's a good deal." Through the program, the school hopes to have a positive influence on kids suffering from cancer. Mrs. Elias, the leadership teacher, was in charge of this event.