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Remaining Positive During Lockdown

                by Ben Truong

     Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, California went on a state-wide lockdown on March 19, 2020. This meant that we couldn’t go outside, and certain stores and facilities had to shut down. This included Ruth Musser Middle School. At first, my friends and I were happy that we didn’t have to wake up early and go to school every day, but we started getting bored and couldn’t go anywhere. This made us sad and upset. I try to stay positive, because I know this is going to end soon and we’ll get to go back to school once they find a vaccine. However, my family and I found a few ways to stay positive during this time. We still stay connected with our family and friends, by playing online games, such as Fortnite and Apex Legends, and using video chat. Being online with family and friends helps us know what everyone is doing, so we can support each other. Another way is we spend a lot of time with our pets. My sister, Grace Truong, says, “Petting the cats is therapeutic.” This makes her happy. Another thing we do is get exercise by taking walks outside, around our neighborhood, in Rancho Cucamonga. My dad, Kent Truong, says, “I love going on bike rides and exercising outdoors, because it gives me a sense of normalcy.” Exercising keeps us positive and healthy. Doing all of these things will keep us from going stir crazy until we are able to go out again.

Focus on the Positive

by Isabella Cucinella

     During this pandemic, while most of the world is in quarantine, it is hard to stay positive when there are voices all over the news and social media telling us otherwise. To stay positive, I try to focus on the good outcomes. While there are many negative effects, there are also many good effects. With most of the population inside, the environment has gotten a break from the harm that we do to it during our daily life routines. Animals are free, there's less pollution, and the sky is clearer. Places that are normally packed with people, are suddenly empty, and the environment is definitely benefiting from it. Focusing on the positives of the virus is essential to getting through this situation stronger. My mom, Veronica Gonzalez, says, “It has been proven that if you can live a positive life, it helps you and the people around you. If we focus on the negativity of the situation that cannot be changed, it will bring depression. A positive attitude can be used to help others.” My dad, Vince Cucinella continues this by saying, “If you aren't focusing on the positives of Covid-19, then you just have constant anxiety and you can't think clearly to help yourself or others.” Focusing on the downside of this pandemic blocks us from seeing the bright side and can keep us from learning important values from our current situation. As long as we, as a community, stay positive we can survive this.

Valeria Sanchez and her dog while watching a movie outside, on the projector. 

Positive in a Pandemic 

by Nicholas Sanchez 

     During the current COVID-19 pandemic, my family and I are trying to stay positive. We have been trying to stay busy and active. We've been doing a lot of gardening work and cleaning. About the gardening work, my mom, Carol Pacheco said, “It’s tiring, but for a long time we’ve been wanting to clean up the backyard. Since we are staying at home we have the opportunity.” Often, I play basketball with my mom or sister. Sometimes, after my dad comes home from work, we either play cards or watch a movie. I've been also watching T.V. or playing video games to entertain myself. One weekend we even camped in our backyard. “One positive to come out of all of this for me is that I get to spend more time with my family,” said Marco Sanchez, my dad. Despite the pandemic, we can stay positive and make the best of the situation. 

Staying Safe During Quarantine

by Toby Gallegos

     During quarantine it can get boring, but it helps us stay safe. Ways you can prevent getting the coronavirus are washing your hands, wearing a mask when you leave the house, and only leave the house for important reasons. I interviewed my mom asking her if she’s being safe and she stated, “I’m being as safe as I can be right now. I’m staying home, wearing a mask when I go out, and regularly using hand sanitizer and washing my hands.” When you do go out make sure to stay away from large groups of people. If you ever get bored, you can just turn on the TV and watch Netflix. Also, you should wear gloves anywhere you go so you don’t touch anything infected. Make sure when you’re in quarantine you stay clean and safe.

Mrs. Leach
Mrs. Leach & her daughters stay positive by taking bike rides & walks around the neighborhood.

May Pawtastic News

Miray Hanna
                                                               Miray Hanna and her family.

When will 2020 Leave????

by Miray Hanna 

     Will 2020 ever leave? The answer to that is yes... eventually, but it will never be forgotten. What we do know is that we are sick of it being here. Supportive Services for Veterans and their families worker, Sally Bishai, said, “I continue to work but with modified hours. I am a SSVF Case Manager. I basically work with Veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. I provide services such as rental assistance and case management. I absolutely think we are helping people through this time. We are trying to get everyone off the street and into emergency housing such as motels to prevent the spread of COVID- 19 from spreading in the homeless community. We are staying positive by trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That means sometimes my father and I will take walks around the neighborhood. We also spend time gardening and doing a lot of DIY projects.” Sally is one of the many people who are working to help others during this time. I don’t think that people realize how many lives are being risked in order to save other lives. For example, all the nurses and doctors who are currently dealing with Covid-19 patients are risking getting sick to help the people with Covid-19.  

     Personally, my family and I have been doing a good job of staying home and staying safe and keeping ourselves entertained. We have been going on walks, cooking, baking and playing games. We have been spending a lot of time together, and we are doing a lot of things that are making us better people and a better family overall. Even though I can’t see my friends and cousins and people who are like sisters and brothers to me I am getting close to them through zoom meetings.  

     “Yes, I’m still going to work. My title is finance manager at Norm Reeves Honda. In these tough times, when people decide to buy or lease a car, it is my job to get their loan or lease application approved,” said Peter Tanius, a finance manager at Norm Reeves Honda, “It’s especially hard in these uncertain times to get a loan or lease application approved since employment status is so unclear for so many people. The uncertain employment status is the toughest obstacle we have to overcome in convincing a bank, the lender, to approve any application. That’s my contribution in helping people out during these tough times. In regard to what my family and I are doing to stay positive, the answer is simple; this pandemic has afforded us to spend more time together that we otherwise wouldn’t have. So, we are watching movies, learning how to cook, and playing games.” No matter who you are or what job you work at there is still a way for you to make a difference and help out the community. People like Sally and Peter are not doctors and not in the medical field, but they are still doing their part in making this world a better place. I want to give a shout out to all the doctors, nurses, surgeons, SSVF case managers, teachers, parents, and everyone who is working during this rough time. Let’s remember to stay positive and that... WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.  

Paw-sitive during Covid 19 

by Jaron Widney 

     My family and I are staying positive throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. My family is healthy and are not sick. My mom said, “I am getting lots of sunshine and walking every day and it is bright and the birds are chirping.”  Some ways we are staying positive is that we are playing games with each other and we are talking about important things. We watch videos as well. An important thing we do is that we don’t freak out over this pandemic. We are going outside often and are talking to our neighbors. “I take time every day to nurture a positive mindset and stay in a beautiful state of mind because I love living,” said my dad. No one has passed away in our family, which is good. Financially, we are doing well (we have a lot of toilet paper) and our community is doing well. 

                               One of the horses at Lali's grandparents' horse ranch.

Music, Running with Horses, and Quarantine

by Lalli Alvarez

     As we draw the school year to an end, the world hasn’t gotten any better with the Coronavirus around. Yes, we are all missing out on all the end of the year activities, such as the 8th grade Universal Studios trip, Bulldog Bash, the 7th grade History day, and more. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have our own fun at home. I feel so fortunate to have a second home at my grandparent's horse ranch. My brother and I have always grown up playing outside and getting into so much trouble, that it’s fun. As kids, we seem to only appreciate the things we want, when really, we should be focusing on the things we have. And in this time in life, I believe this is a good example.

     Luckily, the outdoors isn’t my only hobby. Growing up, music was always a huge part of my life. I was always the little girl who stole their mom’s hairbrush and pretended it was a microphone. For some people, music is just something to listen to, but for me, music is life. It’s always been a way to cope with problems and to just zone out of what’s happening in the world, and just kind of live in your own. Creating a melody, for me, is like speaking your own beautiful language. There’re notes that some people can read, while others can’t. There are guitar chords that people can recognize, such as G-minor, or D-major, and other people think of them as just random strings. We all picture things in our own way and have different hobbies that help us cope with problems

     In conclusion, quarantine isn’t the worst thing ever. It's to keep us safe and healthy. There’ll be more opportunities to do other things in the future. But quarantine can help us focus on hobbies we haven’t really focused on. Stay home and stay safe Bulldogs!

Staying Positive

by Peyton O’Steen

     My family and I have been staying home at our house. We’ve been doing this over the past few weeks. The reason being, there isn’t much to do now since most places are closed and we are not really supposed to be going places. Since we can’t go places, we are doing stuff from home.

     We can spend more time with each other and do stuff together. Sometimes we’ll go outside and play with our dogs. We also watch movies together. Courtney O’Steen said, “I’m staying positive because I get to be with my favorite people and still be able to do fun activities such as being outside and enjoying nature.” It is very enjoyable to be outside with the nice weather. Kenny O’Steen said, “I am staying positive because my family is healthy, I’m still employed, and I have faith in God.” Even though we must stay home it is still enjoyable because of the people around us and what we can do together. It shows us how much we really care for one another.

Positivity during Negative Times 

by Veronica Abdou Bishay

     I have a neighbor who is a very sweet old lady. She houses stray cats and you can see them sunbathing on their balcony. I was bored today, so I decided to do something nice. I grabbed a piece of printer paper and with a marker, I wrote, “HI” as she was cleaning out her balcony. "Communication during COVID," said my mom. She saw me and gave me a little wave. It made me feel warm inside. I wish I took a picture, but I would have felt as if I invaded her privacy if I didn't ask, which would be very difficult to read on paper from far away. She's the first person to notice; others don't see the sign.

     My family has been trying really hard to stay positive. Our church has been hosting Zoom meetings to keep us motivated. We would have hunts for things around our house like Q-tips, keys, chargers, and the top person would get a gift card code. We would also play Character Charades, and trivia. It was all in good fun. We got up to 24 players once! We would often hear "No fair, he's using Google!" directed at my brother, Arsany Abdou Bishay. Who, of course, used Google. 


Staying Positive during Quarantine

by Kylie Jimenez

     Although maintaining an optimistic outlook isn't always easy, it's possible. My family sometimes goes on drives by the beach. We also bake to take up time. Watching movies together has become a routine now, and horror movies are the usual. My family will most likely continue to go on drives, bake, and watch movies.

Eating Positive

by Mr. Peltz

     Since the school closure on March 13, 2020, I have been working hard to stay positive. It hasn’t been easy, since my daughters, who are away at school, were not able to get home and “shelter in place” with us. We do keep in contact with them by text, call, or Face Time which helps us know they are safe and healthy. That is all we can ask.

     One thing my wife, Carla, and I do to stay positive is we have decided to go traveling around the world, while staying in the safety of our kitchen. We are cooking recipes from different cultures from around the world. Since we don’t want to go out and do a lot of shopping, we have to plan our menus well in advance. So far, our stomachs have traveled to Mexico, South America, Northern and Southern Italy, Africa, China, England, Hungary, Spain, France, and New York. Our biggest difficulty is sometimes having the right spices or herbs, so sometimes we must improvise and use something that is similar. I feel that food brings people of all cultures together, and at least we can experience parts of other cultures even if we can’t do it in person.

Coronavirus Positivity

by Arsany Baris

     Staying positive in this time of uncertainty is difficult. However, many people have tried to stay positive. I’ve tried to just keep inside and work on homework. I’ve always kept thinking that there will eventually be a vaccine or a cure. I’m not sure when the next time I’m out will be, but as of April 12, I keep thinking that it won’t be for too long. I believe that we can get through this if we are optimistic. If we just keep looking at the stats rise, we won’t notice how they’re growing slower. Rather, take this opportunity to learn something new. In the end, it's what perspective you have on situations that change your life massively.

 Keeping busy during Chaos

by Everly Alvarado

     During this worldwide pandemic it's hard to distract yourself from everything that has been going on, however, I've been finding ways to keep busy. For example, I've been painting pictures and sending them out to my family members. I also have been painting extra pictures in hope that after all of this is over, I could sell them. I've also been cleaning out my room and decorating it. I would highly recommend doing this because it keeps you busy all day long. I've also been training my dog because she is only trained a little bit.

     I interviewed my family member to see how he's been keeping busy during this horrible time. His name is Ian and he's nine years old. He said he's been playing baseball to keep busy. Before this virus started affecting our daily lives, he was on a baseball team and unfortunately, he can't finish this season because of the quarantine. I hope that everyone can learn new things and find new hobbies during this time like my family and I have been doing.

To Keep Positive

by Izaiah Zambrano

     The Coronavirus Pandemic has granted a major impact in the world and now our lives have extremely changed. During this new change, to keep positive I just don't look at the news or talk about it much. I feel like looking at the news just puts me in a negative mood. I also do some hobbies I enjoy making me forget what actually is happening in the world. Or, I will just go on my computer and play games, talk to friends, and anything that just make me forget about this pandemic. This all will be over sooner or later, and I hope to find a solution to this virus just in-case it does come back in the future. This Pandemic is temporary and will soon be over and we encourage you to stay inside and stay at least six feet away from others.

How I’m Staying Positive During the COVID-19

by Michelle Iftekar

     During the school closure due to COVID-19, I have been working to stay positive. Personally, the fact that my friends and family are safe at home is a huge comfort to me, but I have been able to stay almost completely worry-free because I have been busy. To keep my mind off coronavirus concerns, I have been keeping in touch with my friends, talking more to my family, drawing, doing schoolwork, catching up on TV shows and movies, and writing short stories.  Focusing on my art and writing especially has been really helping me get my mind off other things, while also helping me improve my artistic skills.

     I’ve also been talking a lot with my friends from school. It’s nice to talk to others during this time where the only people I can talk to are my family. “I am your best friend I always will be, even through tough times," said Danielle Cordero, to me over a Facetime call. Since I can’t call my friends all the time, I’ll usually text them. Though it isn’t the same as seeing and hearing their voices, it’s still nice to stay in touch.

My Birthday

by Shaena Brew

     My birthday was last Saturday, and it was full of surprises. I first went to get my hair done. Then after, I went to my grandma’s house, and she took me to my great grandma’s house. They then took me home, where I saw a whole set-up for me with balloons. I had cake, cupcakes, chocolate and everything. It was amazing! Then, the drive-by happened; all my friends stopped by for a second and gave me gifts. Then, I gave them apple cider, cupcakes, and chocolate. Overall, I had a great birthday, even in quarantine.

Ms. Heikes
Ms. Heikes with her daughter, Lincoln, enjoying a hike.

My Favorite Things

by Ms. Heikes

     The bad part about this quarantine is not being able to teach. It’s my 2nd favorite thing to do in the world. I miss my students! But, to stay positive, I've been doing my first favorite... spending time with my 3-year-old daughter! We go hiking and exploring several times a week. We are also transforming our backyard into our own little, under the sea paradise full of flowers and mermaids.