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Spelling Bee


Andre Assuncao, Trinity Hunt, Lana Wong, and Ethan Alcaraz wait their turn during the spelling bee competion.

by Taylor Sanfilippo, Donovan Meyer, and Jazmyn Martinez 


     The spelling bee took place on February 2 in the MPR. Every grade had separate  bees during different periods, and on February 20, the top three contestants from each grade competed in one competition to go on to the district competition. The winners for the fifth grade competition were Raelynn Chaturbul, Joel Kaunang, and Ava Salas. The winners for the sixth grade competition were Ananya Prayaga, Trisha Salvador, and Lana Wong. The winners for the seventh grade competition were Sharmila Bhuiyan, Nancy Keeley, and Anjulie Contreras. The winners for the eighth grade competition were Sofia Benigno, Elisar Daya, and Jeninifer Estes. The winner for the school-wide competition was Ananya Prayaga. The sixth grade teachers Mr. Teter and Mrs. Heikes hosted/ran the entire competition. Mrs. Heikes said, "I love spelling so it was a very exciting, but it was also challenging because it gets very competitive." Elisar Daya said, "It was nerve-at first, but honestly, as long as you study the words it's a very fun experience." 

Pawtastic News February 2018

A Seuss Odyssey


Mrs. Parga teaches the drama class.


by Hannah Reisner and Samantha Hoffman 

     On March 6th, after school and March 7th at 6:30 p.m. fifth through eighth grade students will perform the play, A Seuss Odyssey. Mrs. Parga, the drama teacher, is directing the entire play in the M.P.R. She read through multiple plays, but A Seuss Odyssey stood out to her. This is a creative Dr. Seuss spin-off of the classic "The Odyssey." Abigail Brake, a seventh grade performer said, "The play's all about rhyme." "It's about four people on a quest to get back to their families after war," said Kendra Ledezma, a fifth grade performer. Tickets for the play are $5.00. The money made from the performances goes toward the school. Hope to see you all there! 


Heart Attack Dance


Students dancing at the Heart Attack Dance.

by Nancy Keeley, Kelsey Cooke, and Ofa Bloomfield

      The Heart Attack Dance occurred on February 14, 2018 from 2:45-4:15. This was the last dance of the year. There were snacks, drinks, games, and photo opportunities. Savanna Madrid, a seventh grade student, said "I like that we can have fun with our friends and be goofy. Also, the food and pictures were really fun." The Social Crew, from the leadership class, hosted these events in our gym. Mrs. Elias, the leadership teacher stated, "Dances give students a chance to hang out and connect socially." These dances help students connect and have fun dancing. At these dances students can get a V.I.P. ticket or a regular ticket. The V.I.P. ticket lets students in the dance 20 minutes early and was $6.00 for eighth grade and $8.00 for other students. The V.I.P tickets also come with candies and a surprise. The regular tickets cost $4.00 for eighth grade and $6.00 for other students. The dance was a fun opportunity to hang out with friends.



Geo Bee


by Donovan Meyer, Jazmyn Martinez, Taylor Sanfilippo

      The geography bee took place on January 18th in the MPR. There were about three contestants from each class from each of the four grades. The top three from in each grade competed on January 29th for the overall school winner. The three that made it to the school competition from each grade are: fifth grade – 1st place: Diego Murguia, 2nd place: Atticus Ruiz, 3rd place: Lance Sabularse; sixth grade – 1st place: Riana Mamun, 2nd place: Diego Herrera, 3rd place: Elijah Tri; seventh grade – 1st  place: Amy Yoon, 2nd place: Liam Flenniken, 3rd place: Donovan Meyer; eighth grade : 1st place: Matthew Rea, 2nd place: Brian Jurman, 3rd place: Marcus Herrera. At the school competition on January 29th, Marcus Herrera won the overall title. He has to take a computer test to see if he can move on to the state competition. The test will be on March 1st. 

Circle K Fundraiser


Mrs. Perez accepts a check from the manager of Circle K market.

by Danica Ballejo, Shyenne McGowan, and Madison Robinson 

The Circle K gas station fundraiser was a way for the school to earn money. In order to participate in the gas station fundraiser, parents pull up to the marked pump at the Circle K gas station on Haven Avenue to pump gas for their car. One penny per gallon of the money paid at the marked pump goes  to the school. Mrs. Marquez, the school's volunteer coordinator, said, "The school is saving for an ice machine for the nurse and parties." Circle K already donated $1,000 to our school, and generously gave an extra $65, which was raffled off to the staff. Mrs. Perez said, "The money we get from the fundraisers goes towards F.O.R.M., which is an organization that funds clubs and activities for our school." The fundraiser at the Circle K gas station goes all year, so next time you need gas fill up at the marked pump. It doesn't cost any extra and the school gets the benefit.

Honor Roll Parties


by Margaux Jenelle Marquez, Presley Tamillo, and Alyssa Santos

     Honor roll parties take place every trimester. All students who receive honor roll and principal honor get to participate. Mrs. Burright, a school counselor, said, "We have honor roll parties to celebrate the hard work of students and their drive to do their best." Honor roll parties are held in the MPR with parent volunteers to help organize and monitor the games. The scholars can participate in games and activities where they get raffle tickets for prizes. Taylor Rosado, a seventh grade honor roll student, said, "My favorite part about the honor roll parties are the fun games and the raffle at the end." Honor roll parties are a fun, interactive way to give scholarly students recognition for their hard work.  

Writing Celebration


by Acelyn Waldman, Lundon Dotson, Kayla Perez 

     The writing celebration is a yearly event that includes all grades. The students who have the best written work throughout the year earn the award. The participating students have to have a well written essay by February 16 to be a participant in May. A seventh grade student, Mariam Gabra said, "I feel proud to be in the writing celebration." The teachers that are in charge of the event are Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Santoro, Mrs. Santos, Mrs. Galoway, and Mrs. Leach. When the students win the award, they get to go up to the library during 6th period, have tea and snacks, discuss their writing, and receive a ribbon. Mrs. Bailey said, "The writing celebration helps to recognize the creative writers at Ruth Musser."